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Arabian Drilling offers innovative technological drilling solutions to the oil and gas industry that tackle some of the most critical challenges. Powered by a large fleet and professional team, our onshore and offshore drilling services involve the supply of drilling services in shallow and deep waters and on land for the exploration and production of oil or natural gas.
Onshore Rigs

Our onshore fleet includes 38 rigs that range from medium to ultra-heavy rigs capable of handling the most challenging drilling programs and designed to work in harsh climatic conditions.

Offshore Rigs

Our offshore fleet comprises 7 rigs that includes ultra-heavy-duty Jack-ups outfitted with high specification equipment which are capable of drilling in 375ft of water.

Our onshore fleet ranges from medium to ultra-heavy rigs, capable of handling complicated horizontal drilling operations and working in harsh environments, such as those found in the Middle East region. Arabian Drilling also operates a self-propelled MPSV, providing well intervention and well testing services for its customers; and additional services that complement our world class drilling services including rig move services, mobilisation, manpower and other services.